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Buying a new home or selling your existing home can be exciting and a little scary at the same time. Having a knowledgeable Real Estate agent on your side is as equally important as having a knowledgeable surgeon. We want both of them to have more experience than google.

A good Real Estate agent is patient and willing to invest time into understanding what you are looking for in a home.

A good Real Estate agent is willing to invest the time to thoroughly explain all the steps of buying or selling your home and answer all questions you may have. A good Real Estate agent will not rush you to make decisions.

A good Real Estate agent will write up paperwork and have you sign the contracts.

A Great Real Estate agent will explain the paperwork that you are signing in terms that you can understand.

A Great Real Estate agent is an investor in real estate.

Where I set myself apart from the average real estate agent is that I have been remodeling and rebuilding homes for over 20 years. These experiences have led me to be an expert in the house remodeling and repair business. I purchase houses to remodel and sell for a profit. I also have rental property. This has given me the opportunity to gather some industry secrets about the buying and selling of real estate that I am excited to share with you.

I believe that the best Real Estate agent to protect your money ("nest egg") is one that invests their money in real estate as I do. I am dedicated to protecting your hard-earned money. I am excited to help you through the journey of buying or selling a home.

7 Easy Steps to Sell your House

  1. Meet with Troy so you can share your goals of selling your house. At this time we will be reviewing your timeline to sell the house as well as establishing your list price for the house. We will also walk through your house to see the features, condition, and square feet of your home. We will then use these facts to look into houses in your neighborhood that have sold recently to find the best listing price for you.

  1. For Sale = Marketing the property nationwide to reach the maximum amount of buyers Is a key part of maximizing the amount of money that you receive for your home. The 360 virtual walk-through tours that I offer (no additional charge) give the potential buyer's an experience of actually walking through the home from the use of their cell phone. We will share our 360 virtual walkthrough tour and our professional-grade pictures with the world through the use of MLS, Google, Zillow, Facebook,, Truila, and many more common websites.

  1. Receiving offers = In any real estate transaction, the "Terms" of a contract are more important than the initial offering price of the contract. The terms can lead to a reduction in the final sale price or worse a canceled contract. As an Investor in real estate myself, I have been under many different terms of a contract. Some are a walk in the park while others can be very challenging. We will review every offer that comes in thoroughly and break it down into easy-to-understand language. It is my job to ensure that you understand in great detail every decision we make through the journey of selling your home.

  1. Inspections = Now that we have carefully chosen the right offer for us we will enter the "Inspection Period". This is a time frame(determined by the terms of the contract) in which the buyers can bring in experts to find the good and the bad of the property(house) we are selling.

5. Inspection results are in=After the buyers review the reports from their experts they will most likely ask for some things to be repaired and/or attempt to Renegotiate the final sale price. This is where I will use my Investor's knowledge to fight to protect your hard-earned money. (nest egg) I have learned very inexpensive ways to satisfy the buyer's request.

6. Bank Appraisal =The buyer's lender (bank) will send out an Appraiser. The Appraisers job is to value the property to ensure it is worth the money that is being paid for it under contract.

7. Closing day = This is a great day on our journey and by far the easiest day. We simply meet up at the title company to sign a couple of documents to seal the deal. Usually, a couple of hours later you will have your check from the sale of your house.

Buyer's Guide - 7 Easy Steps

1. Meet Up with Troy to evaluate your wants, needs, desires, and dreams for your new home. Then Troy will explain the buyer representation agreement - working with Troy as a buyer’s agent is FREE.

2. Meet Up with the loan agent to gather a pre-approval letter for a home loan, this will start the mortgage process. This helps establish a new home price range.

3. Go House Shopping = schedule viewings of homes of your choice that will fit in your schedule - compare the pros and cons of each property as well as potential future repairs. (Troy’s specialty)

4. Make Offer = We found “The House.”

Terms and conditions (Troy’s specialty) are actually more important than the offering price. The details of an offer on a house can drastically change the final purchase price despite your original offering price. Using Troy Roark Homes as your buyer's agent will protect, preserve, and prepare you for your home investment.

5. Offer Accepted = “We Have A Deal”

Perform inspections = main home inspector, radon inspector, HVAC inspector, and any specialty inspector that may be recommended by myself or the premier inspector. Meet up with Troy to discuss what all these reports mean.

6. Once inspections are completed it is now negotiating time (Troy’s specialty)in which we ask for the repairs of the home found by the inspectors and/or for a lower price.

7. Closing = Finalize Deal. 1 to 2 days before closing we will revisit the home to confirm that the house is just like it was when we made the offer on it. Closing day is easy = we have already got all the paperwork together. All we have left is to sign a few documents. This usually is completed in 30 minutes.

After closing on your home, Troy will always be available to help you with any questions you may have.


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