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Troy Roark

Troy Roark Homes

Troy Roark is a Kansas City Native with over 25 years of residential home repair and renovation experience that is reserved for his clients to be wise in the purchase of homes and real estate.

"Buying or selling your home can be exciting if you have wisdom on your side" Troy

My real-estate wisdom journey started in 1999 as I started my real-estate education as a maintenance supervisor of a variety of rental properties. This is where I learned how to repair, remodel and improve residential homes, including; HVAC, furnaces, rebuild and replacement all shapes and sizes of systems. The residential home electrical circuits and the different components and styles and repair to the water, sewer of the home as well as appliances stoves others washers dryers. I was also involved the painting construction concrete roofing flooring tile from 2008 to 2018. I became a professional in the repair industry of major home repairs and I operated as a seasoned experience repair replacement consultant for furnaces air conditioners plumbing and electrical in residence. I was ambassador to highly respected companies in the Kansas City area I consulted and educate homeowners in the repair replacement of their furnaces air conditioning electrical plumbing repairs and upgrades.

Since 2018 I started putting my wisdom to work. With this education and wisdom my goal is to help educate and prepare my clients to purchase their own homes.

Homes are an investment and an educated consumer will make the best decisions.

We will provide the best recommendations and assist in the decision-making process. Troy Roark Homes